Bristech Bytesize #13 - Thurs 11th Feb 2021

By Nicholas Hemley | January 8, 2021

James Hughes - Jump-start your Egoless Tech Culture

What’s the no 1 reason given when tech projects fail? Surprisingly it’s not due to the difficult technical challenges, failure of the tools and processes or lack energy and time put in - but the communication, leadership and culture behind it. Cultures where big egos dominate above all else.

Egos create a toxic workplace environment where everyone is LHF (lying, hiding or faking) to make it through another day. You may recognise the symptoms, from a fear of raising or sharing uncomfortable truths, a pervasive “not my problem” mindset, low retention and high burnout. As leaders in the tech industry - how can we remove egos, prevent LHF, and create healthy “egoless” cultures?

From recruitment to project management, from CEO level direction to daily scrums - this talk will give attendees the tools to jump-start and sustain their own egoless tech culture in their own team, project or business.

About James

James Hughes will be sharing his own experiences and learnings creating this culture as Head of UK Engineering at Next Jump.

Next Jump is a global e-commerce platform where “people” are the number 1 business strategy, and was recognised by Harvard Business Review as the future of workplace culture (in the 2016 book “An Everyone Culture”).

Since they then have worked closely with senior leaders from military, government, education and finance industries to help change the world’ workplace culture.

Panel discussion participants

  • Martin Hogg - Oracle

Martin Hogg is a Senior Development Director for the OCI team and leads the OCI API Gateway & Functions (FaaS) services. Martin’s is based in Bristol, UK and his team spans the UK, Czech Republic & India.

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