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Bristech Monthly Meetup. Our monthly ‘heartbeat’ event held on the first Thursday of every month (bar August).

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Bristech: Conference. Our annual conference, established in 2015 and held in November each year at the Watershed, Bristol.

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Bristech: MLOps. Our latest conference. A one-day virtual event filmed in a floating studio in Bristol Harbour.


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In conversation with Adam Pope, CTO @ Storm.

By Nicholas Hemley on February 12, 2021

In conversation with Adam Pope @ Storm … In conversation with Adam Pope @ Storm... Transcript Nic Hemley in conversation with Adam Pope, CTO, Storm Consultancy So welcome to Bristech “In conversation with…” and today I’m joined by Adam Pope who is the co-founder and CTO of Storm consultancy based in Bath, so welcome, Adam. Hi, Nic - thanks for having me. No problem: so we’ll be chatting a little bit about your personal tech journey and also a bit about Storm and the tie-up between Storm and Bristech.

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Bristech Bytesize #13 - Thurs 11th Feb 2021

By Nicholas Hemley on January 8, 2021

James Hughes - Jump-start your Egoless Tech Culture What’s the no 1 reason given when tech projects fail? Surprisingly it’s not due to the difficult technical challenges, failure of the tools and processes or lack energy and time put in - but the communication, leadership and culture behind it. Cultures where big egos dominate above all else. Egos create a toxic workplace environment where everyone is LHF (lying, hiding or faking) to make it through another day.

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In conversation with Luis & Kieran @ GoCo...

By Nicholas Hemley on January 7, 2021

In conversation with Luis & Kieran @ GoCo… In conversation with Luis & Kieran @ GoCo... Transcript Nic Hemley So I’m delighted to be joined by Kieran and Luis today. And the backdrop for this is that GoCompare, are going, or GoCo Group, as they’re also known, are going to be sponsoring the Bristech monthly meetup in 2021, which is really great news! So really pleased about that.

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Bristech Bytesize #12 - Thurs 21st Jan 2021

By Nicholas Hemley on January 6, 2021

Kieran Billingham - Multi-cloud Machine Learning: why you don’t need a centralised data stack to extract value from your data. At GoCo, data is a group function. Historically, this allowed us to service multiple brands with a smaller team and a centralised data stack. However, as the organisation has grown through acquisitions keeping to one centralised stack has become much more difficult, forcing the data team to work across businesses and across multiple stacks.

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In conversation with Marta @ Ververica...

By Nicholas Hemley on January 5, 2021

In conversation with Marta @ Ververica… In conversation with Marta @ Ververica... Transcript Nic Hemley Hi, it’s Nic here from Bristech and I’m joined here with Marta, Marta Paes, developer advocate at Ververica, who I believe are the original creators of Apache Flink, or at least they’re major contributors to it, but maybe put us straight there Marta in a second. So my first question for you, had you heard of Apache Flink before you actually joined Ververica?

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*Rescheduled* Bristech Bytesize #11 - Thurs 28th Jan 2021

By Nicholas Hemley on January 4, 2021

Marta Paes - The Streaming Mindset with Apache Flink An important (but often overlooked) step in the adoption of streaming is getting into the right “state of mind”. What changes, and what trade-offs are you forced to make? How do you get there? In this session, we’ll explore some challenges behind this transition, drawing on personal experience moving from a batch-heavy past to the future of streaming with Apache Flink.

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Meetup Sponsors 2021

By Nicholas Hemley on December 18, 2020

Bristech are delighted to announce the Meetup sponsors for 2021. We are thrilled to have such a strong line-up of local tech companies as annual sponsors: These community-minded local tech companies are supportive of our mission to share tech knowledge, one event at a time. Nic Hemley, founder, Bristech, said, “It couldn’t be more important in this pandemic than for people to come together and continue to share their knowledge and learn from others in a neutral, inter-company setting.

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