Bristech Bytesize #12 - Thurs 21st Jan 2021

By Nicholas Hemley | January 6, 2021

Kieran Billingham - Multi-cloud Machine Learning: why you don’t need a centralised data stack to extract value from your data.

At GoCo, data is a group function. Historically, this allowed us to service multiple brands with a smaller team and a centralised data stack. However, as the organisation has grown through acquisitions keeping to one centralised stack has become much more difficult, forcing the data team to work across businesses and across multiple stacks.

In this talk, we discuss how’s growth into a group has affected the way in which the data science team services the business, the journey from single cloud to multi-cloud machine learning production and the skills gap that needed bridging to achieve that.

To describe the transition, the recent deployment of a B2B API service using Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services will be used as an example, but we will not delve into the nitty gritty of the architecture.

About Kieran

Kieran is junior data scientist at the GoCo group, he has an MSc in data science and now works to build machine learning products for B2B partners using group data. Kieran is well versed in Azure services and is currently up-skilling across other cloud providers in order to deliver cross-cloud products. Previously, Kieran studied physics and provided business analytics for a FTSE 100 insurer and now works as an ambassador for STEM education.

Panel discussion participants to follow

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